Selling London Property Faster!

Sometimes the difference between whether or not a property sells can be all about how it is staged and dressed from the main furniture pieces through to the soap and towels in the bathroom. Walking into a re-developed property with a high end kitchen and bathroom is all well and good but it is still an empty shell and unless the buyer knows exactly what they want it can be hard to create the right impression. For some buyers they can build a picture in their mind and imagine themselves living there picturing where their furniture will go, what colour they will paint the walls or even what type of window dressings they will have. For others they don’t have a clue and unless you build the picture for them they just won’t be able to see it. If you want to create the right impression with a property being offered for sale ripping it out and re-developing it often just isn’t enough especially with a stagnant London market. In boom times almost anything will sell but when the market is tougher you need to use everything at your disposal to ensure a sale timely and at the right price.

It looks so much better when you create the vision

An empty shell that is clean and pristine with nice features and high end fittings will work for some people – it is nice to know that they are moving into a property that has been completely re-furbished. The trouble is if you can’t see how it works when dressed it can be off putting. The draw of a property is often how it looks as the finished article. Imagine walking into a bedroom that has a beautiful bed, high quality and good looking furniture and every last detail down to the ornaments thought out and carefully arranged. Imagine the pictures that you will be able to include in the brochures and on the property portals to create an impression even before you get the buyer through the door!

Not everyone has the imagination to see beyond the shell.

For some buyers they are more than happy to take on a project and create something from an empty shell, stamping their own mark on it and dressing it to their own specification. They will add their own furniture and those finishing touches here and there until they have created the dream. Unfortunately this takes time and sometimes the original ideas you had never actually materialise as time goes on. People are cash rich and time poor with no time to sit down and look at magazines or Pinterest for inspiration. Stage it for them and show them exactly what they are getting and you are much closer to selling them the property of their dreams. In fact get it right first time and you will sell the property so much quicker and at the right price. Whether buying or indeed renting much of the time people just want to buy or rent a house or apartment that can be lived in immediately without any thought or fuss. They want to turn up with their belongings, unpack and crack open the bubbly. In London especially, many people’s motivation for living in the city is work and those with busy careers don’t tend to have much time for decorating and furniture shopping or feeling inspired about what each room needs. Walking into a property that needs even a modicum of thought is just a bridge too far. Some properties will fail to sell or rent even in a busy area like London and properties can end up on the market for many months. The area may be perfect, the size, layout, décor, kitchen, bathroom may all be ideal but there is just something that doesn’t make the property appealing.

So what will make the difference between a property being chosen or not?

It is all about staging the property to make the best of it and really bring out everything that the property has to offer! Even the soundest of investments in the most desirable areas of London may fail to attract a buyer or tenant simply because they aren’t staged to their full potential. Consider your own experience! You have probably viewed or valued many properties that from the outside were perfectly fine, were in the right area, seemed to be priced correctly but just weren’t shifting. Now ask yourself whether you would live there! What would make that property stand out, how could you give it the appeal? Maybe it lacks kerb appeal and some exterior dressing would help to attract interest or perhaps the layout of the bedrooms is off putting. It might be that everything is a little cramped and the buyer can’t see beyond that. The property may benefit from beautiful period features that aren’t being used to their potential or maybe they just want to know how furniture fits. Whatever the reason that the property is failing to attract tenants or buyers or even achieving a satisfactory price, help is at hand. At Maison Furniture we specialise in property staging for both sale and rental properties and have a lot of experience and success in helping to match properties with a potential buyer or tenant, especially in a stagnant market.

How do we achieve success?

Take a recent project of ours, a house in Belgravia. It is no secret that Belgravia is a very desirable area in the borough of Chelsea and Kensington. You would think that there would be a long waiting list for properties for sale and rent. Well this particular mews house was fully re-built internally by a developer with the purpose of being offered for rent. Despite being finished to the highest specification it stayed on the rental market for a little under 6 months. There was nothing wrong with the property and the price – rent of £3,750 per week was being asked which was competitively priced for this London suburb. After almost 6 months the original designer decided it was time to call in help and asked us to work with them to stage the property with the objective of finding a tenant. We worked with them to furnish and dress the previously empty property and fully staged the property with the best quality furniture to see whether this would make a difference. Within 3 weeks of us completing the property staging the property had let at the full asking price. Now this may seem a small change to make for such a big difference but the way a property is staged is absolutely key to a buyer or tenant deciding whether it is the property for them.

What difference does staging make?

Imagine creating a show home for the London buyer or tenant. Across the UK thousands of new houses are sold without being seen simply by visiting a show home. A lot of the time the buyer falls in love with the show home and tries to re-create this in their home. It can be hard to realise a properties potential if you don’t know what you are doing, for those who don’t have the imagination or creative flair it can be a really hard task. It is not just about the bed, the bedroom furniture or the lounge or dining room furniture – property staging is about much more than that. Buying a house or apartment is the biggest purchase a person will make and if that property is not shown to its full potential then it either won’t sell at all or it won’t sell for the price it could achieve.

You wouldn’t walk into Jimmy Choo and purchase a pair of shoes if they were all stacked on top of each other on a cheap rack!

From supermarkets to car show rooms it is about how things are displayed, about creating a first impression. Shop windows make us stop in our tracks and admire them and designer boutiques allow us to see everything to its potential. It’s the same with a property. The right furniture, the right lighting, the right window dressing and even the crockery and cutlery can give us a full vision of what we are purchasing. If first impressions really are as important as we are constantly told then the first impression of a property’s exterior and interior is crucial. So if you are struggling to sell or rent a property and can’t understand why and are out of ideas of how to find someone for the property without dropping the price considerably then property staging is the right option for you and your buyers.